How to Live Cheaply

Many people struggle to pay their bills every month. No matter how hard a person works there just seems to be enough money. There are some tips to living very cheaply.
Buy in Bulk
When possible buy non perishable items in build. Toilet paper and even food items such as pasta are much cheaper when purchased in bulk. A person will save at least 20 percent on these items when they purchase in bulk.
Unplug Appliance
Even when they are not being used electrical appliances suck up a lot of electric and add money to the electric bill. Unplug the TV, computer, coffee pot, and other items when they are not in use.
Cheap Cleaning
Clean with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. They will get the home spotless and will not cost too much.
Lawn Care
Instead of purchasing weed killer use boiling water. The temperature of the water will kill the weeds just as well as pricy weed killers.
These are just some ways to live cheaply. Every little bit of savings helps when a person is trying to stretch out their money.