Best Welding Safety Tips

I love welding and I believe that I have honed my skill over the time I have been doing it. Of course, there are many reasons why I am successful in this field. Safety at my workshop is the number one priority. This is not something that I take for granted at all. I take deliberate steps every morning to make sure that my working environment is safe, clean and as free of risk as possible.

Here are some of the general safety tips I do observe to ensure safety when I am working on metals.

  1. I keep appropriate fire extinguisher at a strategic position at any time I am cutting or welding metals. Before I start working, I usually test the fire extinguisher to ensure that it is operable. 
  2. I never allow any unauthorized persons to touch any of my cutting and welding equipments.  In this way, I ensure their safety, but they hardly see it that way. They think I am mean.
  3. Before I start working on metals, I must warn any person in close proximity. I do insist that anyone who is not protected must wear proper goggles, clothing and shoes.
  4. Before I start welding metals, I must remove any flammable material that might be present near the working place. Some of the most flammable materials usually present are gasoline, oil and cotton among others.
  5. If I have to weld metals in a building that has wooden floors, I must first ensure that these floors are safe and protected from the hot metal. Otherwise, I can never weld in such a building. Some of the materials that I widely use to protect wooden floors include sand, fire resistant fabric, or any other flameproof materials. Furthermore, I take measures to ensure that there is no hot metal or hot sparks that fall on my welding equipment or on the operator components.
  6. When I have completed my welding operations, I have to mark any hot metal. In most cases, I use soapstone to do the marking.
  7. Hot electrode stubs that I have rejected during the welding operation may cause fire.  Therefore, I never leave them on the floor.
  8. After I am done with my welding exercise, I usually remove all the tools and steel scrap nearby my welding equipment or on the floor. Otherwise, they might cause accidents.
  9. During all my welding operations, I wear protective clothing as well as equipment. These gears protect me from electric arc, which is an extremely powerful light source. I include infrared light, ultraviolet and visible light.
  10. To protect my eyes from glare, heat and any other flying wreckage of hot metals, I wear safety goggles especially during any oxyacetylene welding or even cutting processes. Still on the protective gear and clothing, I do wear hand shield and a badass welding helmet, which is equipped with an appropriate filter glass for protection against any intense infrared and ultraviolet rays. When I am undertaking any electric welding operation, I must insist that the area I screened to ensure that the arc is not seen whatsoever. 
  11. I inspect my shield to ensure that it is effective. Otherwise, penetrating rays coming from the

arc might pass through and cause burns.