Comparing the Top Rated Welding Helmets

I never gamble with my safety when I am performing any type of welding. I usually ensure that I put on the right protective gear before starting any welding activity. One of the most important protective gears I use is a welding helmet especially when I am performing arc welding. Welding  helmets not only prevents any arc eye, but also retina burns. Well, I will discuss the details of these two conditions another day.

Today, I have reviewed some of the best helmets that I do wear when I am undertaking all arc welding practices. All of the ones I have reviewed in this article are from a review website for online shopping for tools and gear. I could not help but try them myself after reading the many reviews that had been written by both professionals and actual users. As expected, they never disappointed me one bit.

FlipFront Hobart 770286-Welding Helmet

Just like the name suggests, the Hobart 770286 Flip Front Welding Helmet is fitted with flip front. Apart from the adjustable fit, this welding helmet has variable shades. Precisely, it has 10 shades that turn automatically. One of the many reasons why I like this helmet is its adjustable sensitivity. The view area of this helmet is 4½ x 2: W X H (inches).

With Hobart 770286 Flip Front Welding Helmet, I don’t have to buy each helmet for every type of welding project I have at hand because I can use it for a various types of welding exercises. When it is time to remove it from my head, I don’t have to struggle thanks to its practical flip front, which makes it very easy to remove.

Another reason why this helmet made it to my list of the best welding helmets is because it has been approved by all safety bodies including ANSI for steel construction project safety. After all, safety is always my priority when I am working. I give this product a rating of 3.7.

Auto Darkening Helmet – GLIME Solar

Built with very strong materials, GLIME Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet has a very high definition shielding filter. The helmet allows me to see the metal and welding condition very clearly when I am performing a welding exercise. I like the welding luminosity because it is not only soft, but also comfortable.

This welding helmet starts working the moment I start work. With its superior circuit design, all

the observing windows of this helmet darken immediately I strike the arc. The performance of this helmet is unbelievably high. It is light and soft, and I feel very comfortable when I wear it on my head during a welding session.

The solar cells perform admirably and its lithium battery lasts longer as compared to other welding helmets in its category. This product allows for adjustment for sensitivity as well as delay time. Furthermore, this helmet allows me to choose welding mode. I give this product a rating of 5.0.

Neiko 53847A Welding Helmet – Industrial Grade

Neiko 53847A Industrial Grade Welding Helmet is an industrial-grade product that is fitted with appropriate flip-up lens that are designed to provide maximum comfort and safety against infrared and ultraviolet light. This helmet is approved by ANSI, which means that I can wear it without worry about my safety.

Some of the best features that make this product one of my best welding helmets are that it is lightweight, includes a headband which I can always adjust to have the right fit, and 11 shade lenses that that allow me to view my welded objects clearly. Design to offer maximum comfort; I

don’t have a problem wearing this helmet for long hours. Based on its performance, features and

durability, I would rate this product at 4.2 out of 5. It is also highly reviewed on

Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350

Made for welders who take safety and utility seriously, Lincoln Electric VIKING 3350 Black Welding helmet has best quality lens and very large viewing port. This product can withstand many kinds of abuse in the welding site.

Furthermore, it is the best helmet for professional use. This helmet is suitable for welding projects that need precision because its lens offers the best clarity as well as a variety of vision. This therefore means that lifting the helmet to allow me to clearly see my welding is not necessary. Out of 5, my rating for this welding helmet is 4.7.