Guest Post: How to Help People with Sick Family Members

I have handled some of my sick relatives, a few with terminal illnesses. Yes, I sometimes found it hard to figure out what to do for an ill family member. It reached a time when I was desperate for an external support. Fortunately, some of my friends and volunteers offered to help me. Of course, I never asked them for it despite the fact that it was necessary. I don’t think I will ever be able to thank them enough for the support they offered. However, I have decided to thank them in a special way – by helping people with sick family member.

I want to spread the goodness that these people started to the rest of the world in my own simple way. In this article, I have discussed how I do help those people with sick family members.

I start by asking people taking care of family members if they want any help. If they say yes, I go

ahead and ask them to be specific and tell me what kind of help they might want. In my opinion,

this is a direct way to give a helping hand to people because it ensures that I offer just the kind of

assistance that people actually need. Furthermore, it helps me avoid stepping on anyone’s toes.

It should be noted that I never get bored when people turn my offer away. This is because not everyone with a sick family member wants assistance from an outsider.  Sitting with patient is another way of helping people with sick family members. In this way, I offer home caregivers an opportunity to take a break. This also allows someone taking care of a sick family member to go pick up essentials such as clothes and any other supplies that he or she would want to bring to the patient. Again, it gives way for someone to communicate with the rest of the family members.

I use my experience to help people with sick family members. If I have experienced a given condition that someone is experiencing, I usually tell them in a gentle way that I have been through the same events and I am willing to offer them advice based on my experiences.

However, I am always careful not to force this offer down on anyone. If I am happy that I pursued a certain line of treatment, I do recommend it immediately.  When I decide to offer assistance to someone taking care of a sick family member, I never stop helping despite the period a terminal patient takes to depart this life. Of course, this can sometimes be very hard. I don’t think its right to commit myself to offer an assistance only to withdraw my support after sometimes.

In the event that my help is not needed at the moment, I always make it known to whoever I wanted to assist that my support will still be available in future. I know that when a problem such as terminal illness hits a family member, many people would be willing to help. However, a person offering assistance might withdraw for various reasons and this is where I come in.